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5E Naturals is  a  100% women promoted organization where the mantra of ‘Moms know the Best’ is fully realized.  Our products are a fusion of age old Ayurvedic practices and modern science.

We named our mission as ‘5E Naturals’ reflecting the 5 major elements of nature – earth, water, fire, air, and space. 5E naturals symbolizes the natural harmony of all elements, and believes staying rooted and close to nature is the best way one can fully be healthy and happy. Our products  are reflective of these values. We are committed to using scientifically proven and time tested ingredients that provide much expected relief to promote healthy hair and glowing, supple skin.

Our journey into creating the natural and organic products started from personal experiences to retain balance in health and lead life in a natural way.

All of us struggle to balance our routine for a healthy life style. Modern day chemicals and synthetics had adverse effects on our hair and body health. We started our mission to dive deep into learning the power of ancient way of treating our body with natural and organic ingredients. We contacted experts in Ayurveda, natural wellness gurus and went down the memory lane with our mom's and grandma's age old time tested herbal recipes to eventually invent and deliver products that are safer, completely natural and free of any negative side effects.

We are committed for natural and holistic wellness. 5E Naturals is a cruelty free brand with no involvement of animal testing at any point in time.

Awareness & Information: As our products are naturally developed, we always welcome customers to ask questions and seek clarifications on how to use our products, get an unbiased response on the ingredients, and allowing our customers to make informed decisions before and after the purchase of products.

Customer Satisfaction: We are committed to provide high quality and affordable products. Our commitment to our customer satisfaction will not end once you receive our products, rather it starts doubling up as each of you thoroughly benefit from the products you purchased  with trust.

Our Values: We are proud to create products that are mostly vegan, non GMO, synthetic fragrance free, cruelty free, gluten free and organic. We make our best efforts to select recyclable packaging without sacrificing the quality of the product.

Each of our products  is a result of thorough research involving understanding the root ingredients historical medicinal usage, reference to side effects data base, consulting with experts in Naturopathy and Ayurveda, and any recent clinical research data on natural ingredients. The ingredients that 5E Naturals procures primarily follow a natural way of extraction to maintain the quality, natural integrity and balance. 5E Natural products are free of added fillers such as artificial color, chemicals, gluten, any other harsh preservatives.

Our Commitment to Society:  We pledge to give back to the society a portion of sale proceeds. Please visit our "Giving back"  page to learn more.

5E Naturals

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